Richard Ssebagala

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Richard is an extremely versatile and effective leader and manager, practicing coach with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of education, corporate management. Richard has also been working as a training and customer relationship management consultant for 11 years. He has demonstrated strategic management, results delivery and people management skills in multicultural environments in the USA, United Kingdom, the Middle East and East Africa. Richard has recently specialized in Customer Relationship Management from Carnegie Training Institute of New York, USA.

Richard is the author of the critically acclaimed The Fish Rots from the Head – Improving Customer Relationship Management in an African Environment, ISBN-10: 1520304226; ISBN-13: 978-1520304229 which, among other things, explores how best to support employees and organizations on the African continent towards the highest productivity possible

Richard holds a Master’s degree in Education, University of London (Multicultural Urban Education), a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, and a BA (Literature/German) from Makerere University.